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The female born criminal

Female born criminals are fewer in number than male and, unlike her male counterpart, the female born criminal does not present so many physical anomalies. Lombroso believed that this was the case because women are biologically less developed than men and are therefore closer to the primitive race. Even if they have lived as long […]

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The born criminal

After conducting his research on over 25.000 criminals and mental patients all over Europe, Lombroso came to the conclusion that born criminals form “about one third of the mass of offenders” (Ferrero, 8) and they represent a reversion to a primitive or subhuman type of man characterized by physical features reminiscent of lower primates. He […]

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Lombroso’s contributions to Criminology

Cesare Lombroso founded his criminal theory following Darwin’s theory of evolution and defining the born criminal as a subspecies of homo sapiens. He believed the criminal to be an undeveloped, atavistic and evolutionary inferior being who is the product of a degeneration. He compared the behavior of criminals to that of animals, plants, children and […]

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Bases of Criminology

Criminology is a discipline that studies the causes of a crime and tries to come up with the reasons for the antisocial behavior of humans. It is considered an interdisciplinary science that is founded on concepts from sociology, psychology and anthropology, based on the theoretical framework of medicine and penal law. As it is mention […]

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