Cesare Lombroso’s Criminology

The field that is in charge of studying crime and its causes is known as Criminology and has been developing over the last three hundred years. Since it has being including concepts of disciplines like psychology and psychiatry, it has developed into a criminal anthropology that includes aspects of the nature, causes and prevention of criminal behavior in relation to society.

Criminals from Cesar Lombroso's L'Homme Criminel, Rome

Criminals from Cesar Lombroso’s L’Homme Criminel

What this projects focus on is the two main schools of thought that we can encounter in criminology, and the contributions made by the person who is still considered the father of this field, the Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso. By analyzing the essence of Lombroso’s work and research, with focus on his main books The Criminal Man and The Female Offender, it will be possible to understand how criminals were depicted by society and the way in which they were believed to differ from the normal people. Because he made a differentiation between criminal men and women, both of them will be analyzed and compared to understand the biological differences that exist between the sexes.

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