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Word Clouds :: Crime, Scandal, Spectacle

Word Clouds

 A Scandal in Bohemia: Detective


Father Goriot: Crime


The Word Clouds from A Scandal in Bohemia and Father Goriot emphasize the similarities of the criminal and the detective flâneur, especially their unique ability to watch others while remaining incognito. Both word clouds focus on the senses utilized by the flaneur, especially sight. Some of the main words in both the crime and the detective word clouds include eyes and look. The flâneur is constantly watching people, observing their behavior and using what they can deduct from this information for criminal and detective activities. Holmes explains the difference between seeing and observing, arguing that observation is key to detection. The flâneur observes his surroundings to make specific deductions, that are used for carrying out crimes and for detection. The detective word cloud strongly emphasizes street as well, the environment in which the flâneur works. Vautrin and Holmes both wonder the streets observing people in order to ultimately commit crimes and solve mysteries. Overall, the word clouds illustrate the innate, distinctive nature of the flâneur to observe and make deductions about his surrounding that exists regardless of whether they intend to ultimately engage in detective or criminal behavior.

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